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The development of my artistic process has always been linked to my being and creating in the moment. Throughout my life, I have lived alternatively in the city and in the countryside; those experiences have profoundly shaped my creative process. By way of contrasting and complementing between these two disparate influences through my art, I share the fruits of my searching and experimentation.

My work is based on seeking and comprehending different spatial organic planes pulled from daily realities into an ultimate transformation into a pictorical abstract and photographic reality, which agglutinates its essence. The act of moving through and interacting with a new environment, in search of certain elements, infers a physical movement which in turn generates intellectual thinking, both at the level of daily life and at an artistic level.

My starting point is the act of experiencing nature and its interrelationship with the human being, yet I do not seek a visual re-creation, but rather a synthesis of organic primary shapes, still present in nature. I push to bring forth these shapes into our present architectural and technological environment.

Using computer manipulated photographic images the canvas becomes a meeting place for these different planes of pictorical and photographic reality. I use the camera to pull / draw in and out of focus elements of the environment; to turn figures into objects that lack individual importance; to transform the background landscape into the main protagonist in the frontal plane, and to ultimately change its meaning. Objects of great size become tiny, and microscopic spaces will be increased as if we were observing them through a great lens.

One portion of this work arises from the photographs I´ve taken in Arizona, California, New York, Utah, Puerto Rico, México, China, France, Ireland, Austria and Spain. These are studies of the light I observed on the natural elements of the landscapes while observing and moving through them. For the other portion of these works, I used the computer to manipulate the photos in order to obtain my intended results.

I am posing a definitive questioning of current reality, as well as my quest for an alternative definition of reality, in terms of the pictorially, photographic, abstract and organic, and through the de-contextualization of our present reality that defines my artistic practice.

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